In August 2022, a South African household cleaning products manufacturer contacted Sywen Packaging. They need to purchase an automatic liquid paste filling machine, the machine should be able to fill bottles or jars of different shapes. The packaging speed should reach 1500 bottles/min, and the filling machine should be well connected with other existing packaging machines in the workshop.


Product: household consumables liquid dish washing paste
PH Value: 7
Packing: square plastic bottle, round plastic jar
Packaging Specifications: 198ML, 395ML
Filling Speed: 20-25 bottles/min
Filling Accuracy: ±1%


Supplied Machine:

This liquid filling machine adopts the metering method of piston pump volumetric filling, it is suitable for various, highly viscous liquids, creams, paste, gel, or sauces in the industries of daily chemicals, food, pesticide, and so on. The machine is equipped with a counter, the touch screen will display information such as filling quantity, filling accuracy, filling speed, and so on.

Within the scope allowed by the machine, one machine can fill a variety of bottle types and sizes of bottles. Multiple filling heads are filled synchronously, fast filling first and then slowly filling to prevent liquid overflow and ensure high filling accuracy. The whole machine is made of thickened and finely polished stainless steel, the parts in contact with the material are made of 304 stainless steel and food-grade filling pipes, which are safe and hygienic without plasticizing components.

The filling head is equipped with a separate vacuum suction device. After reaching the target value, the remaining materials will be sucked back into the silo, which can effectively reduce the leakage of materials. The automatic liquid filling machine adopts brand electrical accessories, and the packaging equipment runs stably. The width and height of the conveyor belt of the filling machine can be customized and can be connected well with other packaging machinery.