Sywen Packaging is one of the leading liquid filling machine manufacturers in China since 2002, our liquid packaging machine is widely used for filling different liquid or viscous liquid in the food, chemical, agricultural…industries.

A liquid filling machine is a kind of liquid packaging machine, that automatically divides a large amount of bulk liquid materials into a predetermined weight volume for filling liquid with good or poor fluidity. The mechanized filling can not only improve labor productivity, reduce product losses, and ensure packaging quality, but also reduce the mutual pollution of the production environment and the materials being loaded.

Filling Machine

The liquid filling machine is mainly used in lotions, care fluids, oral liquids, skincare fluids, disinfectants, foundations, antifreeze, shampoos, hair care fluids, hair care fluids, and other products. Hand wash, eye wash, nutritional solution, injection, pesticide, pharmaceutical, detergent, body wash, perfume, edible oil, fruit juice, beverage, lubricants, and other special industries.

VFFS Packaging Machine

What are the classifications of liquid filling machines?

According to the different measuring principles, it is divided into piston liquid filling machine, gravity self-flow liquid packing machine, liquid weighing filling machine, flow-meter type liquid packaging machine.

According to the physical and chemical characteristics of the filling liquid, it is divided into an ordinary liquid filling machine, an explosion-proof liquid packing machine, anti-corrosive liquid packaging machine.

According to the level of automation, there are semi-automatic liquid packaging machines and automatic liquid packaging machines.

According to the number of filling valves, there are single-head liquid filling machines and multi-heads liquid filling machines.

According to different structures, there are linear bottle liquid filling machines and rotary liquid filling machines.

What principles should be followed when selecting the machine?

The principle of high productivity and good quality.

Productivity directly reflects the production capacity of the production line. Therefore, the higher the production rate, the better the economic benefits it produces. In order to improve the quality of the product, you should choose the filling machine with high precision and automation. However, the price of the equipment also increases, which increases the unit cost of the product. Therefore, when choosing a filling machine, you should combine the requirements of the production process and give comprehensive consideration to the relevant factors.

The principle of serving for the production process.

First of all, the liquid filling machine should be selected according to the characteristics of the filling material (viscosity, foaming, volatility, gas content, etc.) in order to meet the packaging requirements. For example, for more aromatic liquors, to avoid the loss of volatile aromatic substances, a cup or common pressure filling machine will be used. For fruit juice liquids, in order to reduce contact with air and ensure product quality, generally will use a vacuum liquid filling machine. The production capacity of the filling machine should match the production capacity of packaging machinery before and after the filling.

The principle of a wide range of applications.

The application scope of the filling machine refers to its ability to adapt to different packaging requirements. The wider the scope of its application, the better utilization rate of the machine, multiple materials, and sizes can be filled with the same machine.

Generally speaking, try to choose the liquid packaging machine with good quality, high efficiency, small size, simple structure, easy to use and maintain, and lightweight based on packaging production requirement.