This linear liquid bottle filling line is well suitable for packaging liquid with very good fluidity, different types bottles can be filled in a straight line. The bottles can be glass bottles, plastic bottles, polyester bottles, round bottles, square bottles, flat bottles and other special shape bottles.

As a liquid packaging machine manufacturer, Sywen has many years of production and designing experience. In addition, we often investigate the related market, and understand customer real packaging needs. The liquid bottle filling line developed by us is more convenient in installation, adjustment, cleaning and maintenance.

The storage tank and the filling head is connected by a food-grade plastic pipe, which meets the requirements of food and medical hygiene.The pneumatic components are AIRTAC brand. The main electrical components are well-known foreign brand, with low failure rate, quality, stability and durability.

No bottle no filling, automatic bottle feeding and filling, automatic positioning, automatic liquid level control, etc. The design of the filling nozzle is scientific and reasonable, with an anti-drip device, no dripping when filling.

The automation of liquid bottle filling line is relatively high, and each machine works stably and efficiently, which is a strong guarantee for production efficiency. It is mainly suitable for automatic packaging production lines for non-gas liquids, such as medical alcohol, vinegar, beverages and pesticides.

Automatic Bottle Liquid Packaging Line

Filling Range: 50-5000 ML

Filling Accuracy: ≤1%

Liquid Type: good fluidity, no gas in liquid.

Filling Method: gravity of liquid, control the filling time to realize different filling volume

Bottle Shapes: no special limit in shape

Control System: PLC programmable, touch screen

Machine List: bottle unscrambler, bottle washing machine, filling machine, screw capping machine, alumina foil sealing machine, labeling machine, coding machine and etc.