SY-CY-12 liquid filler is a mechanical reciprocating automatic liquid bottle filling machine, which is no needed for manual repeated operation. The whole filling process is stable and uniform.

It is widely used in the filling of various free-flowing liquids in the food and beverage(such as tea beverage, soy sauce, wine, vinegar, etc.), medicine, chemical industry, pesticide (containing acid, alkali, organic solvent, or xylene).

By replacing and adding a few parts, it can also be applied to fill high-temperature liquid or liquids that are easy to foam. It can also be connected with others packaging machines such as bottle washing machines, screw capping machines, etc. Suitable for various geometric shapes such as plastic bottles and glass bottles.

16 Filling Nozzles Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

The liquid filler integrates photoelectric, pneumatic, and PLC microcomputer control technology, and the actions from bottle entering, positioning, filling to conveying, are steps all completed automatically. Digital color touch screen display, which makes the adjustment of various parameters more accurate and intuitive. Mechanical transmission ensures stable filling performance and a low failure rate.

Model SY-CY-12 Liquid Filler
Filling Specification 40-1000 ML
Filling Nozzles NOS  12
Filling Accuracy(≥100 ML) ±1%
Filling Speed 3000 bottles/hour
Air Source Pressure 0.5-0.7 MPa
Power 1.1 KW

The main pneumatic and electrical components are domestic or world-famous high-quality products, which are reliable in quality, stable, and durable. PTFE material filling pipes, have excellent resistance to many chemicals, are not easy to be corroded or aging, and have a long service life. The pipes can be easily disassembled and cleaned, with no problem filling different types of liquids.

The feeding switch of the high-position storage bin is controlled by PLC, and it is automatically opened/closed according to the filling speed. When the material level is low, needs to be refilled, the feed valve is opened to adding material, and the material is automatically closed when the material reaches the high-level position, make sure automatically and efficiently filling.

Flexible connection method. According to the needs of the site, the bottle feeding direction can choose to work from left to right, or you can choose to work from right to left, which is a humanized product design.