SY-CY series liquid bottle filling machine is a kind of common pressure liquid filling machine, it’s the simplest and widely used filling method during all automatic liquid filling machines.

It is suitable for filling low-viscosity liquid products such as non-gas beverage, white wine, oral liquid, liquid medicine and etc. The liquid is a free-flowing type, can flow in the pipe at a certain speed by its own gravity.

The liquid storage box and the metering device are at a high position, and the packing container is placed below. Under atmospheric pressure, the liquid automatically flows into the packaging container by its own weight, and the entire filling system works in an open state.

Automatic Liquid Bottling Machine

The filling speed only depends on the cross-sectional area of ​​the liquid inlet pipe and the liquid level of the filling cylinder. The structure of the filling nozzle adopts a quick-connect, disassembly mechanism, easy to clean and disinfect. Each filling head has a bottle clamping device, to ensure high accurate positioning when filling.

PLC control system, frequency conversion speed regulation, high degree of automation. No filling for lack of bottles, automatic counting function. No filling for lack of bottles, automatic counting. The whole machine can be applied to different specifications bottles, and the filling volume is easy to adjust, which can be completed in a short time. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel (commonly uses 304, medical uses 316). No need to add spare parts to change filling specifications, just make some adjustments to complete. Realize different metering filling by controlling the filling time.

The precise filling time of the pneumatic valve can be audited and set to 0.01 seconds. It can control the measurement accuracy within ±1% error range, reduce unnecessary material loss, and improve the economic benefits of users. The design of each filling head can be adjusted individually, to achieve consistent filling measurement. This machine is set with the bottle counting program, no bottle, no counting, no filling, only when the number of bottles recorded by the counter is consistent with the set filling number, the filling will start.

Model SY-CY-4 Automatic Liquid Bottle Filling Machine
Filling Specification 40-1000 ML
Filling Nozzles NOS  4
Filling Accuracy(≥100 ML) ±1%
Filling Speed 3000 bottles/hour
Air Source Pressure 0.5-0.7 MPa
Power 0.5 KW