The Background:

In November 2022, the purchasing manager of a food manufacturer in Bulgaria contacted Sywen Packaging, they needed to purchase a liquid VFFS packing machine for the ketchup sachet.

Due to the backwardness of the existing packaging equipment, they plan to purchase new packaging equipment to fill portable four-side-seal sachets. The packaging specification is 12 g/sachet, and the required packaging speed is 20-25 bags/minute.

The Solution:

After confirming the packaging details of the sachet with the customer’s purchasing team, it was finally determined that the most suitable machine was the SY-280 liquid VFFS filling machine.

This multifunctional liquid packing machine can automatically complete bag forming, metering, filling, sealing, and batch number coding. Using the stainless steel piston as the metering device, which can fill various types of viscous liquids. Anti-drip filling nozzle, avoiding the problem of poor sealing caused by liquid dripping at the sealing part.

Sywen Packagign can always respond positively to any problems encountered. During the period of use, their technical and sales teams conducted video guidance many times.

SY-280 meets all our packaging requirements and expectations, which greatly improves production efficiency, it can also help us to expand the business scope.