In August 2022, a Philippine seasoning sauce manufacturer contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed to purchase an automatic ketchup filling machine for the new packaging workshop, the machine material must be food-grade, and the filling speed should reach 800-1000 bottles/hour.


Product: viscous tomato sauce
Packaging: round PP bottle
Bottle diameter: 4-6.5 cm
Packaging Weight: 180 g, 350 g
Filling Speed: 15 bottles/min


Supplied Machine:

This automatic liquid filling machine is suitable for filling viscous or highly viscous liquids in the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical industries. The whole machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, and all parts are made of CNC precision machining. The machine is controlled by world famous brands PLC system, and the relevant technical parameters are set by the touch screen. The piston is driven by a servo motor for filling, with high filling accuracy and simple maintenance.

Anti-drip filling heads, with fast and slow double-speed filling. When filling, the filling heads will be inserted into the bottom of the bottle, and the filling head will rise during the filling process. The filling volume and filling speed are simple to adjust. Within a certain range, it is not necessary to replace any parts if fill bottles of different sizes, and the compatibility for packaging specifications and container types are strong.

The filling machine is equipped with a chain-type conveyor belt, which is more wear-resistant and durable, does not deform, and conveys bottles or cans very smoothly. The width and height of the plate chain can be customized for well connected with other packaging machines. The filling accuracy can be slightly adjusted under the professional guidance of technicians.