In May 2022, a German pet nutrition products manufacturer contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed to purchase a small intelligent can sealing machine to fill canned dog food, and the sealing speed should reach 600-1000 cans/min. The sealing machine must have a counting function, and complete electric drives(not the non-compressed air).


Product: chicken dinner grain-free canned dog food
Packing: round metal can
Package Weight: 354 g
Can Dimensions: diameter 8 cm x height 11.2 cm
Sealing Speed: 10-15 cans/min


Supplied Machine:

This manual can seaming machine adopts all-electric operation, Automatic timing to control the cycle up and down, it is suitable for sealing various round tin cans, PET cans, aluminum cans, and paper cans. Cans of different sizes and calibers can be sealed by replacing a few accessories.

The sealing cans diameter is 40-130mm, and the height is 40-200mm (outs of the range need to be customized). After receiving the can sealing machine, it is not necessary to install it, which can be used directly with one key. The work efficiency is high, and the rate of defective sealing is low.

The drive motor is installed in the electric control box under the machine, with less noise and vibration. The capping and sealing head is made of a chrome steel knife holder with high hardness and no rust. The can tray can be manually adjusted in height to accommodate jars or cans of different heights.

Big-power copper motor, ensuring the machine runs stably when sealing the cans. Stainless steel machine body, which is acid and alkali resistant. One-key switch between “Automatic” and “Manual” modes, which can meet different sealing requirements. The sealing working area is equipped with a glass cover to protect the operator’s safety.