Linear Automatic Industrial Labeling Machine

ST-SM industrial labeling machine is applicable to single-sided and double-sided labeling of flat bottles, round bottles, square bottles, such as shampoo flat bottles, lubricating oil flat bottles, hand sanitizer round bottles, and another double-sided labeling, labeling both sides at the same time to improve production efficiency, widely used in daily chemical, cosmetics, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

The main material of the equipment is stainless steel and high-grade aluminum alloy, which meets the requirements of GMP production. the overall structure is firm and beautiful.

Automatic photoelectric tracking, with no objects and no labels, to avoid wasting labels and missing labels.

Applicable Labels     

Self-adhesive labels, self-adhesive films, electronic supervision codes, bar codes, etc.

Applicable Products   

Products that require labels on the side plane, the side of the large arc surface, and the circumferential surface.

Application Industry   

Widely used in cosmetics, daily chemical, electronics, medicine, hardware, plastics, and other industries.

Automatic Photoelectric Tracking
Coding And Labeling Intergration
Positioning Detection Labeling Device

◆ One machine can realize single-sided and double-sided labeling of different shape bottles (round bottles, flat bottles, square bottles, shaped bottles).

◆Can be used separately or connected with an assembly line. Adopt a double-sided rigid plastic synchronous guide chain, automatically ensure the bottle is neutral.

◆ Has low requirement to the putting bottles on assembly line and bottle entering for the jointing assembly line, greatly reduce the difficulty of worker operation or assembly line connection.

◆ Equipped with snapping top-pressing mechanism to ensure smooth product delivery, and effectively eliminate the inherent error of the bottle height.

◆ Has an automatic bottle separation structure, the space is automatically separated before the bottle guide to ensure the stability of the subsequent bottle guide, transportation, and labeling.

◆ Equipped with double labeling mechanism to ensure labeling accuracy for the first time, and double-extrusion labeling to effectively eliminate air bubbles and ensure that the label is tight at the head and tail.

Technical Parameter
 Label Width 20 mm~160 mm
 Product Size

(Length x Width x Height)

length (conveying direction): 20 mm~250 mm
Width (conveying width direction): 30 mm~90 mm
Height 60 mm~280 mm
Label Roll Outer Diameter (mm) φ280 mm
Label Roll Inner Diameter (mm)  φ76 mm
Labeling Accuracy (mm) ±1.0 mm
Labeling speed (m/min)
Stepping Motor: 30~160 m/min        Servo Motor: 40~180 m/min
Conveying Speed (m/min): 16 m/min
 Power 2.1 KW
Label Requirement
The bottom paper of the label is made of glossiness material (this material has good toughness and anti-pulling), and avoid harm when cutting the bottom paper.
The distance between the label and the label is 2~4 mm, the label is 2 mm away from the edge of the bottom paper.
The inner diameter of the label roll core is 76±1 mm, and the outer diameter is less than 280 mm.