In July 2022, a Philippine seasoning sauce manufacturer contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed to purchase a small tabletop sauce filling machine to package hot sauce, the filling speed should reach 900-1000 bottles/min.


Product: chili sauce (70% crushed pepper pieces)
Package Weight: 227g, 350g
Packaging: plastic bottle, glass jar
Filling Speed: 15-18 bottles/min
Filling Accuracy: ±3 g
Special Requirements: the machine has a simple structure and is easy to clean. Multiple filling specifications can be filled without changing any accessories.


Supplied Machine:

SY-TZ Semi-Automatic Sauce Filling Machine

This semi-automatic sauce packaging machine adopts a stainless steel lobe rotor pump to measure and convey materials. Compared with other types of volume pumps, its biggest feature is the mechanical seal, easy to clean, strong self-suction ability, and almost no wearing parts It is suitable for the measuring and conveying of various, high-viscosity and poor viscosity materials in the food processing, beverages, dairy chemical, cosmetics, and other industries, it can also convey materials containing solid particles.

The machine can be equipped with rotors of different shapes and specifications according to the characteristics of the materials. The processing precision of the rotor is high, the surface smoothness is ≤ 0.6 um, and the clearance during operation is ≤ 0.01mm. All parts in contact with the material (including the sealing rings) are made of stainless steel or food hygiene standards, and the whole machine can be cleaned directly with pure water or detergent. The manual sauce packaging machine can be equipped with an anti-drip filling head according to the material characteristics, and the filling accuracy can reach ≤±0.5%-1%.