Sywen Packaging is a professional honey bottling machine manufacturer in China, we have a manual honey bottle filling machine, automatic honey bottle machine, and automatic honey bottling line. Because honey is a kind of high viscous liquid, the filling machine has to adopt the piston filling method. The filling accuracy can reach ±1%, and there is no need to adjust the filling system due to frequent temperature changes. During the filling process, the filling heads are inert into the bottle, so that the viscous liquid will not splash out.

Honey bottling machine can be used for filling other viscous liquid, like a lubricant, edible oil, laundry detergent, facial cream, hand sanitizer, shampoo, seasoning sauce, tahini, peanut butter, maltose syrup, fructose syrup, baking syrup, flavored syrup, honey lemon tea, honey flower nectar, condiments, soy vinegar, fruit jam, and other products.

A semi-automatic honey bottle filling machine has a simple structure, uses a special rotary valve to control the unloading and metering, it has no strict limits on the bottle type, size, and capacity of the bottle. The filling heads of discharging can be one or two. It has a small footprint and can also be placed on a table. An automatic bottle filling machine is a linear structure, which adopts the filling principle of the cylinder-driven piston, can assemble 2-16 filling heads, can also be equipped with a horizontal two-way mixing, which guarantees the material uniformity during the filling process to the limit and ensures the filling accuracy of each bottle.