In February 2022, an American cosmetic products manufacturer contacted Sywen Packaging. The R&D department developed a new olive oil hair care gel recently, the product is in the initial stage of promotion, so they decided to purchase a semi-automatic viscous filling machine.


  • Product: highly viscous wet olive oil hair gel
  • Packing: plastic jars
  • Filling Specifications: 250ML, 473ML, 1KG.
  • Filling Speed: 30-40 jars/min
  • Filling Accuracy: ±1 %


There is a semi-automatic piston filling machine in the client’s workshop. He would like to purchase another type of manual viscous filling machine with a faster filling speed and easier cleaning.


Provided Machine:

SY-TZ Semi Automatic Viscous Liquid Filling Machine

The machine adopts a servo-driven rotary lobe pump, which is a kind of volumetric atmospheric pressure filling machine. The unique pump head structure can convey 5-5000ML high-viscosity material containing particles (as long as it can flow, it can be filled), and it has a wide range of applications.

Compared with the manual piston filling machine, the rotor pump liquid filling machine has the advantages of more convenient cleaning, faster reaction speed, low energy consumption, convenient disassembly, and less wear and tear. It can be used for filling paint, liquid glue, jam, cream, etc. Hand cream, hand gel, gel, laundry detergent, ketchup, dish soap, etc.