In July 2022, a pet food manufacturer in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed to purchase a small viscous piston filling machine to fill pet meat puree.


  • Product: pet meat puree (mushy, no meat particles)
  • Packing: round metal can
  • Packaging Weight: 65 g/can
  • Packing Speed: 20-30 cans/min
  • Filling Accuracy: ≤1%


After communicating with the customer, the customer put forward the following requirements
for the high viscosity piston filler:

(1). The machine occupies a small area, and can be directly placed on the table or platform for filling.

(2). The machine structure should be simple and the filling accuracy should be high.

(3). Machine cost should be less than US$1000/Set.


Provided Machine:

SY-GT Manual Piston Filling Machine (With Single Filling Head)

Both the lobe pump and the piston pump can be used to fill viscous objects, but the cost of the rotary lobe pump is more expensive than that of the piston pump, so we recommend the piston-type manual viscosity filling machine to the customer.

The whole machine is made of stainless steel, with the advantages of being anti-wear, wear-resistant, and easy to clean and maintain, it is widely used to fill viscous liquids such as food, cosmetics, chemicals, and other liquid.

The high viscosity piston filling machine has “MANUAL” and “AUTOMATIC” two working modes. In manual mode, the filling is controlled by a foot switch. In automatic mode, the unloading is completed automatically every few seconds. The length and height of the machine are less than 1 meter, the net weight is less than 50KG, and the number of the filling nozzle can be customized.