Sywen Packaging is a professional manufacturer of liquid filling machines. For more than 10 years, based on the filling experience of different industries, our liquid filling machines have undergone countless updates and upgrades in design, and can customize a satisfying filling solution for your viscous liquid. The high viscosity filling machine is one of a series of products in our many liquid filling machines, it can be used to fill low-viscosity and high-viscosity (or with particles) liquids, such as tomato sauce, beef sauce, hand sanitizer, hand washing gel, laundry detergent, oral liquid, edible oil, honey, syrup, machine oil, chemical liquid, etc.

High Viscous Liquid
Automatic Filling System Of Viscous Liquid

Because the free flow of high viscosity liquid is relatively poor, in the filling process, the piston is driven by the cylinder to move repeatedly, and the viscous body is quantitatively filled into the container. According to the degree of automation, our viscous liquid filling machines are divided into automatic viscous liquid filling machines and semi-automatic viscous liquid filling machines. Although the filling capacity of manual viscous filling machines is not so high, they can fill various types of packaging methods of viscous liquids, such as stand-up pouches, gallon barrels, bottles, small cans, etc. According to different packaging methods, the automatic viscous filling machine is divided into viscous liquid premade-pouch filling machine, vertical form fill seal viscous filling machine, viscous liquid bottling filling machine, and gallon liquid filling machine.

We can also customize a full set of viscous liquid filling lines for you. The machines that match the viscous filling machine include aluminum foil sealing machines, capping machines, bottle washing machines, ultraviolet sterilizers, labeling machines, and so on.

In order to quickly recommend a suitable configuration and model of machine to you in a short time, before consulting the high viscosity filling machine, please take the initiative to inform a few information about your detailed filling requirements:

1. What type of vicious body is filled? Are there bubbles during the filling process?
2. What are the specifications of the filling? For example, 500ML, 1200ML, 1500ML, 3 specifications.
3. What is the filling speed? What about accuracy?
4. Is filling hot or cold?
5. Is the liquid corrosive?
6. Do you need other auxiliary machines?