In November 2021, a US manufacturer of cleaning and disinfection products contacted Sywen Packaging. In order to catch up with sales orders, they planned to purchase an automatic small hand sanitizer bottling machine to package travel-size hand sanitizer.


  • Product: high viscous hand sanitizer gel
  • Packing: PP round bottle with flip-top cap
  • Packaging Weight: 1.7 Ounce
  • Bottle Size: ID 1.8 x Height 7.76 cm
  • Filling Precision: ≤ 1‰
  • Filling Speed: 30-45 bottles/min


After communicating with the customer, the customer had the following requirements for the machine:
(1). The machine can fill a high viscous liquid or good-fluidity liquid.
(2). The hand sanitizer machine structure is simple and easy to maintain.
(3). Use a bottle-loading turntable instead of manual placement.


Supplied Machine:

Bottle Turntable.

SY-DT Automatic High-Speed Viscous Liquid Filling Machine.

The high viscosity filling machine can be used to fill liquid, semi-fluid or viscous materials. It is metered by a lobe pump controlled by a servo motor, and the height of the filling nozzle can be adjusted according to the height of the bottle. The filling range is 10ML-1000ML (need to exchange different specifications of rotor pumps).

The volume of the standard hopper is 45L, and it can also be customized according to customer requirements. Pneumatic components and cylinders are made by AIRTAC company in Taiwan, China, and major electrical components such as PLC and touch screen are made of famous brand products at home and abroad. The filling speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion according to the material characteristics.