In March 2022, a daily cleaning supplies manufacturer in the USA contacted us. The hand sanitizer market has been growing rapidly, and the gel-based segment is taking a major share of the hand sanitizer market.

A newly developed hand sanitizer that is less irritating to the skin is more popular, and they need to purchase a more efficient hand sanitizer packaging machine to meet the daily production needs.


  • Filling Range: 1.2 KG -2 KG
  • Packing: four-side seal premade pouches
  • Filling Precision: ±≤3‰
  • Packaging Speed: 10-15 bags/min


In addition to meeting the filling speed and accuracy requirement, the client also put forward the following requirements for the machine:

(1). The automatic viscous liquid filling machine has a counting function, which can display the filling yield.

(2). The filling accuracy of each filling nozzle can be adjusted individually.

(3). The core electrical accessories must be well-known brands to ensure the stable packaging performance of the machine.


The automatic liquid filling machine adopts a servo motor to drive the piston, the filling speed is faster and the filling precision is higher. With six filling heads, the filling range is 50-500ML, and the precision of each filling nozzle can be adjusted slightly.

The photoelectric switch, PLC, touch screen, frequency converter, and electrical components of the machine are all well-known brands at home and abroad, which can ensure the stable operation of the whole machine.

The touch screen displays information such as packaging speed, filling accuracy, packaging output, etc., with a high degree of automation and simple operation. It can be used to fill viscous liquids such as hand soap and hand gel.