SK-280 granule packing machine is not only very fast in packing speed, but also can automatically seal and cut off while packaging. The metering device(measuring cup, linear weigher, combination scale) can be customized according to different packaging needs.

It is an ideal packing machine for granular products such as granulated sugar, dried vegetables, tea, cat food, cat litter, dog food, potato chips, washing powder, corn powder, cereals, beans, feed, washing powder, food additives, oatmeal, plastic particles, fertilizer and etc.

The packing material can be PA/PE, PP/PE, aluminum, paper, or other hot seals single or multi-layers composite material, bag type have three sides seal, back seal and four sides seal. It can be used not only for packaging materials without trademarks but also for high-speed packaging of materials with logo patterns.

Automatic Vertical Filling Packing Machine

Due to the color on the packaging material, ordinary packing machines will make wrong judgments, resulting in packaging errors. In order to eliminate the error, the design of the packaging machine must consider the problem of automatic positioning. The positioning method of the bag length is cursor cutting and fixed-length cutting, two cutting functions are convenient to switch. The cutting method is running depends on the stretch film. The plastic stretch film is roughly divided into two types, with or without cursor pattern. If the stretch film has cursor, it will cut by cursor. If the plastic stretch film has any cursor, the machine will cut by bag length.

High production capacity, the electronic management system can continuously monitor the entire operating cycle. The quick disassembly of the formed tube makes it very easy and fast to change another specification. International and domestic brand components, so it can adapt to the high-load work of the packaging, the failure rate is very low, and it will help you improve the efficiency of completing production orders, which can meet the different packing needs of large and medium-sized industries.

Model SK-280 Granule Packing Machine
Filling Range 50 – 100 g
Sealing Type back seal, three-sides seal or four-sides seal (one of them)
Sachet Length 40 – 170 mm
Sachet Width 40 – 130 mm
Stretch Film Max. Width 280 mm
Filling Speed < 40 bags/min
Power 1.2 KW
Machine Gross Weight 280 KG