The Background:

A small but fast-growing food manufacturer in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging, and asked us to customize an automated packaging solution for banana chips that have an increasing demand. The net weight of the package is 1.06 ozs per sachet, back seal, needs to print three lines of production information of MFG, LOT, and EXP on the package sachets. The production output should reach 1200 sachets/hour.

The Solution:

Sywen Packaging customized a food sachet packaging solution for them, the whole system includes a bucket elevator, SK-280 vertical form fill seal machine, and accumulation table.

The packaging machine uses a linear weigher to measure, advanced PLC, and a touch screen to control, which is used for granular materials with regular shapes and sizes, and needs to be packaged by laminated packaging film rolls.

Cooperating with the automatic bucket elevator, it can automatically feed, measure, make bags, package, seal, print production information, and convey finished products. The packaged product standards are consistent and hygienic.

We approached Sywen Packaging for the food sachet packing solution for filling baked banana chips, when the sales engineer recommended the affordable SK-280 to us, we doubted whether it could meet our packaging requirements.

Sywen Packaging did a free packaging test for us and we decided to order immediately after checking the beautiful finished sachets. With the help of this granule vffs machine, the problem of tight production has indeed been reversed to a large extent, and we plan to continue to purchase several more in the future.