The Background:

In December 2022, Sywen Packaging was approached by a leisure snack manufacturer in the Philippines. They were looking for a reliable nuts packaging solution, that is, packaging more than 10 kinds of baked nuts into pre-made pouches and plastic jars, and the packaging weight range is from 200 g to 900 g. There are many types of nuts and packaging methods, the customer hopes to use one machine for packaging. The material of the machine must be food grade, the operation and use method should be simple, and it should have a counting function.

The Solution:

After in-depth communication with customers on packaging speed, budget, etc., it is determined that the suitable machine is SK-4D-2K semi-automatic weighing filling machine. The machine uses high-precision weighing sensors to measure and fill, the measuring range is 30-2000g. It can fill dry and regular-shaped granular products in various industries, and the filling accuracy is ≤3‰. When filling, the package weight, quantity, accuracy, and other information are displayed in real-time.

“After receiving the machine, Sywen Packaging provided comprehensive technical service support, so that we could be proficient in the operation of the machine in a short time. Although SK-4D-2K is a semi-automatic machine, its packaging efficiency is quite high, and we like it very much.”