In March 2022, a U.S. daily chemical products manufacturer contacted Sywen Packaging. They are a contract manufacturer of personal care and hygiene products. In order to increase production capacity, they plan to purchase a small automatic filling machine for travel-size hand sanitizer.


  • Product: instant hand sanitizer
  • Packing: round and square PP bottles
  • Packaging Specifications: 20ML, 30ML, 50ML
  • Filling Speed: 35-45 bottles/minute
  • Filling Accuracy: ≤1%


The customer requested the structure of the hand sanitizer filling machine to be easier to clean than the piston filling machine.


Provided Machine:

SY-DT Automatic Viscous Bottle Filling Machine (with single head)

The machine uses a rotary rotor pump as a liquid metering pump and servo motor drives. Its advantage is that the filling speed is faster and easier to clean than the single-head piston liquid filling machine. The filling speed is about 30-50 bottles/min. It is used for filling liquids, viscous and highly viscous liquids in the food and daily chemical industries.

The position and angle of the fiber optic sensor (bottle detection) can be quickly adjusted. No bottles no filling, and the bottles will automatically stop when they are stacked. The packaging process is more intelligent and labor-saving. All parts in contact with materials, such as valves, filling heads, sealing parts, etc., are made of food-grade stainless steel or engineering plastics.