Automatic Granule Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine

SK-520 ffs packing machine is a multi functional packing machine, able to make bags, weigh, fill, count, seal, bag-pouch, cut and print production date or batch number, very suitable for high-precision, small-dose weighing and filling, helping manufacturers quickly recover investment costs in machine, save labor costs. The measuring device can be a rotating measuring cup or a multi-head combination scale. If two or more granular products are packaged at one time, the measuring device can be specially customized.

The machine has a wide application range in food, nonfood, chemical, agricultural, pharma, hardware, auto parts industries, can pack dry and processed food, fresh or frozen foods, snack food, seeds, nuts, coffee (granules/ beans), tea, sugar, bakery products, candies and confectionery, rice, dried fruits, spices, pet food (pellets), bolts and etc.

PLC microcomputer control system, run more stable and can adjust any parameters without stopping the machine. Independent horizontal and vertical seal temperature control can pack a variety of composite, aluminum, and other packaging film rolls. According to different packing needs, customers can customize stand pillow bags, gusset bags, square bottom bags, link bags, add nitrogen, tear notch, or others. The bag length can be set arbitrarily within the rated range.

Driven by a servo motor, with accurate positioning, high precision, fast starting, fast speed, large torque, long life, settable speed, low noise, and good stability. When the packaging film has a color-coded positioning mark, the bag-making process can realize photoelectric automatic detection, positioning, sealing, and cutting, ensuring the integrity of the bag-making pattern.

The welding level of the automatic FFS packing machine is no seams, no welding scars, very flat and bright. The frame material is 304 stainless steel, The thickness of the steel plate can reach 5-7 mm, strong and durable. The electrical box is highly sealed and moisture-proof and waterproof, has a long service life. Few wearing parts, low wear, high configuration, service life can reach at least 10 years, and the long service life far exceeds that of similar vertical form fill seal packing machines in the market.

Automatic Coding Function
Multi Heads Combination Weigher
Model SK-520 FFS Packing Machine
Filling Range 100 – 2000 g
Sealing Type back seal
Pouch Length 80 – 400 mm
Pouch Width 80 – 250 mm
Plastic Packaging Film Rolls Max. Width 520 mm
Filling Speed < 60 bags/min
Power 4 KW
Measuring Device rotating cups or 10 heads combination scale
Coding Type ribbon coding or stencil coding