1. The global essential oil market has huge growth potential

With the advancement of science and technology, mankind has more in-depth research on essential oils, the application of essential oils is also more extensive, you can see the shadow of essential oils from high-end perfumes to daily-use care products, to all kinds of nutrition and health products.

For example, peppermint oil, whose main component is Menthol, has been proven by modern medicine to have a variety of medical effects, it is widely used in medicines, health care products, healthy foods, and daily consumer products. In addition, hundreds of essential oils such as eucalyptus oil, rose essential oil, tea tree essential oil, cinnamon oil, rosemary essential oil, etc., all have different health effects.

Glass Bottle Essential Oil

The cultivation, processing, and application of essential oils have developed into a huge industry. Humans consume more than 100,000 tons of essential oils every year. The more widely used essential oils, such as eucalyptus oil and peppermint oil, consume tens of thousands of tons per year.

According to a survey report recently released by Grand View Research, the global essential oil market demand in 2020 is about 247.08 kilotons, and it is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.5% from 2021 to 2027.

In the global market, the consumption of essential oils in aromatherapy is mainly concentrated in Europe, North America, Japan, and other regions. The total consumption of these countries accounts for about 80% of the global essential oil consumption market, while consumption in other regions is relatively small.

Among them, the aromatherapy essential oil market in Europe is mature, with annual consumption accounting for nearly one-third of the overall cosmetics market, and the consumption scale is huge. Orange essential oil and lavender essential oil can be used for topical application and oral administration, because of their wide application range and good use effect, they are in a leading position in the essential oil market.

In the food and beverage industry, they are mainly used as natural antibacterial agents. They have an effective inhibitory effect on spoilage microorganisms.

In the next few years, the main reasons for the steady growth of the global essential oil market are:

(1). Consumers have gradually increased their awareness of the health hazards of synthetic compounds, and they prefer natural, plant-based, and safer ingredients. Global food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic manufacturers need to find a green, natural active ingredients to improve product safety and market competitiveness, which greatly promotes the growth of the essential oil market.

Essential oils are still the first choice for natural additives in bakery and dairy products, rest foods, and other foods and beverages. For example, adding essential oils to foods such as fish, milk, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, and rice can not only enrich the taste but also play an antibacterial and antiseptic effect in the preservation of food.

Aromatherapy of Essential Oils

(2). With the increasing disposable income and the pursuit of a higher quality of life, aromatherapy and relaxation therapy have become increasingly popular. Essential oils are composed of some very small molecules. Essential oil molecules enter the body from the nasal respiratory tract through breathing. They can send information directly to the brain, affecting emotions and other functions of the body, they are currently widely used in beauty salons, SPA health centers, etc.

For example, with the outbreak of COVID-19, consumers are paying more attention to their own health (such as antibacterial, improving resistance) and emotions (such as relaxation, calmness), and these are exactly the areas where essential oils can be effective.

(3). Essential oils play an important role in the manufacture of aromatherapy oils, candles, and other aromatherapy products. The growth of the aromatherapy product market has promoted the growth of the essential oil market.

In addition to being used as spices, pharmaceutical raw materials, and food additives, plant essential oils are also often used as synergists for pesticides in the agricultural field, so there are still many application scenarios for essential oils. Judging from the current overall market, the market prospects of essential oils are extremely impressive.

2. What are essential oils made of?

Essential oils are produced by aromatic herbs. Not all plants can produce essential oils, only those plants that contain balsam glands may produce essential oils. The distribution of balsam glands in different plants is different, some are on petals, leaves, rhizomes, or tree trunks.

Essential oil is not an oil, it is an organic compound produced after photosynthesis, which can be obtained from the flowers, leaves, stems, roots, or fruits of plants. The extracted volatile aromatic substances are refined by steam distillation, extrusion, cold-soaking, or solvent extraction, it is a viscous oily liquid composed of terpenes, hydrocarbons, and aromatic groups.

How are essential oils made? Taking mint leaves as an example, the leaves are placed in a high-temperature and high-pressure distiller, the steam is combined with the volatile compounds in the plant raw materials, and it is collected in the condenser to condense into a liquid, and the layers are separated. The upper layer is an essential oil, and the lower layer is pure dew.

The volatile oils extracted from different parts have different compositions and functions. For example, rose essential oil can be formed by combining more than 250 different molecules. Every plant essential oil has a chemical structure that determines its fragrance, color, fluidity, and the way it works with the production system, which also makes each plant essential oil have its own special functional characteristics.

3. What are the classifications of essential oils?

According to the compound properties, essential oils can be divided into three categories: pure essential oils, synergy essential oils, and base oils. Pure essential oil refers to the unformulated pure essential oil, which is the essence extracted from the same part of the same plant. But not any plant can be extracted, the plant must have medicinal properties.

Pure essential oil is usually named after the name of the plant or the name of the plant part. Generally, it has a relatively strong herbal smell and has specific efficacy and personality characteristics, it can be used alone or mixed and used.

Rose Essential Oil

Because of the high purity and concentration of the pure essential oil, it cannot be used in large quantities, it needs to be matched and diluted reasonably under the guidance of professionals before it can be used in the human body. According to the aromatic category, pure essential oils are mainly divided into floral, citrus, earthy, vanilla, woody, spicy, and resin essential oils.

The synergy blend essential oil is a mixture of a variety of pure natural single essential oils in different proportions and different mixing sequences. It combines the advantages of various single essential oils and supplements the shortcomings of a single essential oil. It is a mixed essential oil prepared for a certain type of specific effect.

The blend essential oil is modulated for a certain type of specific effect, mainly used to regulate our emotions and body to achieve physiological health care and spiritual soothing, it is mainly used to regulate our emotions and body to achieve physiological health care and spiritual soothing.

For example, by adding a proper amount of lavender essential oil to chamomile essential oil, the anti-inflammatory effect of chamomile can be greatly improved. The interaction between several special essential oils will bring vitality to the blended essential oils. If only a single essential oil is used, this effect cannot be achieved.

Base oil is a mixture of non-volatile oils and nutrients extracted from plant seeds, flowers, rhizomes, or fruits. Commonly used base oils include sweet almond oil, grape seed oil, and wheat germ oil. The base oil can moisturize the skin, not only can be directly used for skin massage, but also the best base oil for diluting pure essential oils.

Because essential oils are easily absorbed by the skin, they have good effects on skincare, body relief, stress relief, muscle relaxation, etc., the market demand in developed countries is huge.

4. How to use essential oils in daily life?

As early as five thousand years ago, the ancient Egyptians discovered the fragrance of essential oils, which have antibacterial and sterilization effects, so they were often used in daily skincare and medicine. The curative effect of essential oils has undergone thousands of years of history and modern scientific tests. In modern daily life, essential oils are mainly used in the following four areas:

(1). Small molecules of aromatic hydrocarbons and terpenes in essential oils, it has a certain degree of anti-inflammatory and sterilization on the skin surface, can fight viruses, and also has anti-inflammatory effects on the respiratory tract. For example, the well-known and scientifically proven lavender essential oil can effectively repair the scars on the skin’s surface.

Small Scale Essential Oil

(2). Through the sense of smell, it has a soothing and calming effect on the nervous system.

(3). Essential oils themselves are natural fragrances in perfumed raw materials. Various aroma substances are often used in perfumes, which essentially replace and imitate essential oils.

(4). The ingredients in some essential oils are similar to traditional Chinese medicine, and they all use natural ingredients for healing. For example, sweet fennel essential oil is widely recognized not only for its digestive effects but also for strengthening immunity.

5. Dark glass bottles are traditional essential oil packaging containers

Essential oils generally have high value, relatively small quantity, and strong volatility. Once exposed to air, they will evaporate quickly. Therefore, essential oils must be stored in sealed dark bottles. The glass bottle is a traditional essential oil bottle packaging container. In the case of many kinds of packaging materials pouring into the market, it is still the main form of essential oil packaging. The main reasons are:

(1). People’s traditional use habits and the glass bottle packaging of essential oils have gone through a long history. People have formed a habit and prefer to associate essential oils with glass bottles.

(2). The glass essential oil bottles are mostly dark, which protects the essential oil from light. The chemical characteristics of the glass bottle are relatively stable, and it is not easy to chemically react with essential oils. It has unique packaging characteristics that other packaging materials cannot replace.

(3). The glass essential oil bottle is beautiful and textured, giving people a high-end feeling. For example, the famous essential oil brand, REVIVE essential oil is also packaged in dark brown glass bottles.

Dark Glass Vials For Essential Oils

6. The most suitable essential oil filling machine-peristaltic pump liquid filling machine

How to fill REVIVE essential oil? What kind of packaging equipment will be used for packaging essential oils in glass bottles? Let’s first briefly analyze the packaging of REVIVE essential oil. The glass bottle packaging of REVIVE essential oil is composed of four parts -10ML glass bottle, a plastic screw cap, an inner plug, and a product label.

Review Essential Oil

A complete essential oil filling production line mainly includes the following bottling equipment (which can be increased or decreased according to budget and size restrictions): semi-automatic bottle round turntable, multi-head automatic viscous liquid filling machine, automatic caps sorting machine, automatic inner plug pressing machine, automatic screw capping machine, automatic labeling machine, automatic inkjet printing machine and etc.

Semi Automatic Bottles Sorting Machine
Essential Oil Liquid Filling and Capping Machine
Automatic Bottle Caps Sorting Machine
Automatic Vial Labeling Machine

Sywen Packaging is a professional essential oil bottling equipment manufacturer and supplier. Among our viscous liquid filling machines, in terms of packaging performance, operation, repair, and maintenance, the most suitable REVIVE essential oil filler machine is the peristaltic pump liquid filling machine. The peristaltic pump has excellent repeatability and accuracy in the distribution and measurement of small volumes of fluid. No need to install any valve, eliminating the common fluid blockage and siphon phenomenon.

Our automatic essential oil liquid filling machine adopts peristaltic pump metering and negative pressure liquid filling methods, the filling head can be customized into 2, 4, 6, 8, etc. The pump is driven by a stepping motor or a servo motor. It is suitable for filling small doses of viscous liquids from 10ML to 100ML, with high filling accuracy, and can be used to fill small glass bottles, plastic bottles, or flat bottles.

The PLC control is easy to adjust the volume, just input the corresponding number, and it can be adjusted at any time under the working state, and the accuracy can reach ±1%. The whole machine is made of high-quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel, in line with GMP standards, which is durable, easy to clean, and maintain.

The peristaltic pump filling system is mainly composed of a driver, a peristaltic pump head, and a peristaltic pump hose. Fewer consumables, convenient and simple maintenance, suitable for large, medium, and small viscous liquid manufacturers. The peristaltic pump filling system transports liquid by rotating the roller to make the hose peristaltic.

The conveyed liquid only flows in the hose and does not contact other parts of the pump, the pump body of the peristaltic pump does not need to be cleaned, which avoids the pollution of the liquid by the pump body. The peristaltic pump liquid filling machine can be used to fill most types of liquids with good fluidity or viscous, such as various chemicals, oils, cosmetics, food, and other non-granular liquids.

The liquid is only in contact with the pump pipe that can be quickly replaced, without check valves, gears, and sealing rings, so maintenance and cleaning are particularly simple. If change the type of filling liquid, only need to clean or replace the hose. The peristaltic pump can accurately control the flow, mainly by adjusting the speed of the peristaltic pump motor to change the filling speed.

How does the automatic essential oil filler machine complete the filling process? After the glass bottle enters the bottle feeding track, it reaches the filling positioning chunk under the action of the conveyor belt. The filling action is completed at the filling position first, The filled bottles are moved out of the positioning chunk by the conveyor belt and come to the bottle divider.

The bottle moves intermittently with the bottle divider, reaches the inner plug station to complete the action of inserting and pressing the inner plug, and then reaches the bottle capping station to add the bottle cap, and then capping and tighten the bottle cap.

After completion, the conveyor belt enters the bottle outlet track and sends out the filled bottles, and then enters the next process. After the capping is completed, the conveyor belt sends out the capped bottles, and then enters the next packaging station.

We not only have semi-automatic essential oil filling machines, automatic essential oil filling machines, but also a complete set of essential oil primary packaging or secondary packaging equipment, such as bottle rinsing machines, ultraviolet sterilizers, essential oil bottling machine, automatic cartoning machine, palletizing and so on.

According to the size of your workshop, the type of inner plug, different filling speeds, and different budgets, we can customize the professional essential oil filling solutions for customers. After receiving your bottle samples, we can make a free packaging test for you.

In the past 10 years of experience in designing and customizing liquid filling machines, we can not only customize the most suitable essential oil packaging solutions but also share a lot of essential oil industry trends and other information with you.

Please contact our sales engineers immediately to get the latest quotations and essential oil-related market information!