Granule Bucket Conveyor

This elevator conveyor belt is a kind of economical continuous conveying equipment, suitable for conveying various granular materials like nuts, grain, rice, sugar, seeds, beans, cat food, dog food, dried fruit, dried vegetables and etc.

Food grade PVC belt has baffles on the belt for loading the material from the hopper to a higher position. The length, width, height all can be customized according to your detailed conveying needs.

There are corrugated shapes sidewall and horizontal clapboard on the conveyor belt, therefore, it is especially suitable for conveying at a big inclination angle. The working environment temperature is -15℃~+40℃.

For conveying materials with special requirements, such as high temperature, acid, alkali, oily substances or organic solvents, and other ingredients, need to customize the special material conveyor belt.

Simple structure. All main components can be used in common with general belt conveyors, which brings convenience to use and maintenance. Since there is no excavation resistance during loading and internal friction, and external friction resistance of materials during operation, energy consumption is small. It is also possible to set any length of horizontal conveying section at the head and tail of the machine, to facilitate connection with other equipment.

Model ST-K-PD Elevator Conveyor Belt
Conveying Capacity 2 – 6 CBM/Hour
Belt Width 10 – 300 mm
Standard Hopper Volume 200 L
Standard Lifting Height 2 meters (special height can be customized)
Conveyor Size L 2300 x W 800 x H 2100 mm
Power 1.2 KW