Manual Liquid Weighing Filling Machine

Model: SY-DG-50 Drum Filling Machine

Liquid Type: liquid with certain fluidity

Filling Range: 5-50 KG

Filling Speed: 0-12 barrels/min

Accuracy: ± 0.2%

Compressed Air Consumption: 15-80 L/Min

Working Process: place the bucket manually-turn on switch or foot switch-the filling valve opens automatically,complete the filling

The drum manual liquid filling machine is measured by weight. Through the output signal of the load cell, control the opening of the feeding valve to realize automatic filling.

There is a feeding pump or a raw material storage tank at the front end of the feeding outlet. Before filling, a filter device can be added to remove impurities to ensure product quality.

The drum liquid filling machine has the advantages of high filling efficiency and small filling error, it has a wide range of applications in coatings, paints, asphalt, lubricants, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, and other industries.

Manual Drum Liquid Filling Machine

It is not only suitable for filling liquid with good fluidity, but also for filling viscous paste products. Fast filling speed and wide application range.

The filling head adopts single-head or double-head filling, with fast and slow double-speed filling, which can effectively reduce the work pressure of workers. Weighing filling type design, it is well suitable for filling round, square, flat, and various shapes bottles and barrels.

Convenient operation and easy maintenance, one worker can complete the operation. Set the specified filling volume, and the filling button can complete the automatic resetting and automatic tare function. Adopts roller conveying, can adjusting and positioning the place or drums or barriers, has high filling accuracy and high intelligence.

Using a brand weighing sensor, the accuracy of the weighing platform can reach more than two ten thousandths to ensure filling accuracy. Equipped with an automatic control instrument to realize automatic feeding. There are intelligent functions such as automatic weight error correction, power failure protection, fault detection function other intelligent functions.