The Background:

Based in Brisbane, a food manufacturer in Australia approached Sywen Packaging. They were looking for a more efficient packaging solution for dried fruit. There are more than 20 types of dried fruit, the packaging weight is from 200 g to 1200 g, and the packaging methods are premade pouches and plastic jars. Due to the growth of the sales team, weighing and packaging by hand can no longer meet the growing business, so an automatic packaging machine is necessary to replace packaging by hand.

The Solution:

After communication with the customer, it was finally determined that the most suitable machine was SK-4D-2K. This semi-automatic granule packaging machine is measured by a high-precision linear weigher. The packaging weight is 30g-2000g, and the filling accuracy can reach ≤3‰. It can be used to fill dry and free-flowing granule materials. There is no limit to the packaging container, can be premade pouches, jars, or bottles.