The Background:

In September 2022, a contract skin care product manufacturer in the United States got in touch with Sywen Packaging, and asked us to customize an automatic filling solution for one of their hot-selling skin creams.

The volume is 30 g/jar, and the filling speed should reach 1000 plastic jars per hour. When filling, it is necessary to minimize labor input. It is best for the filling machine to be able to fill multiple volumes, because they may increase the filling specifications later.

The Solution:

A six-head SY-G piston filling machine was designed specifically to automatically fill the cream at 15-18 bottles per minute. A high-quality stainless steel piston pump is a metering device, which can fill different types of viscous liquid. At the front end of the filling machine, there is a bottle-loading turntable to automatically transferring of bottles to the conveying belt of the filling machine.

“Since February 2023, the SY-G automatic viscous liquid filling machine has been running at a filling speed of 1050 bottles/hour every working day, with stable performance and greatly increased production.”