The Background:

In October 2022, a private-label industrial cleaner, polishes, and disinfectants manufacturer in Singapore contacted Sywen Packaging, and commissioned us to customize an automated filling solution for one type of commercial cream cleaner. The cleaner is an alkaline formula, and the filling volume is 500ML, 946ML, 3.2L, and 5L. 500ML accounts for 70% of all specifications, the filling speed should reach 15 bottles/minute for 500ML.

The Solution:

There are many types of packaging bottles for the cleaner. According to the customer’s budget and packaging needs, the most suitable machine is the SY-TZ semi-automatic viscous liquid filling machine. The manual liquid filling machine adopts a food-grade stainless steel rotor pump for metering and filling, it can fill low-viscosity and high-viscosity liquids. The product changeover, machine cleaning, and setting are very simple, it can fill multiple specifications without replacing any accessories.

“SY-TZ has met all our packaging requirements. The filling specifications can be changed at any time, and the cleaning is very simple. There is no maintenance and maintenance cost. The machine cost is affordable and the packaging performance is excellent.”