In June 2022, a condiment and spice manufacturer in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed to purchase a condiment packaging machine to fill cranberry sauce. The filling speed should also match the can sealing machine, and the packaging speed should reach 15-18 cans/min.


Product: viscous cranberry sauce with dia.1 cm fruit flesh

Packing: round metal can

Can Sizer: diameter 7.5 cm x height 12 cm

Filling Accuracy: ≤1%

Packaging Speed: 800-1000 cans/hour


Supplied Machine:

Can Loading Turntable

SY-G Automatic Piston Filling Machine (with 6 filling heads)

Empty cans are manually placed on a round turntable, and the cans are regularly delivered in a single row continuously to the conveyor belt of the next packaging machine. The turntable is made of fine-polished food-grade stainless steel, and the turntable can be rotated at a variable speed and counterclockwise.

The condiment sauce filling machine adopts a 304 stainless steel piston for metering, the piston reciprocates in the pump cylinder, changing the volume between the plunger and the pump wall, and repeatedly sucking and conveying liquid. The machine is equipped with a filling nozzle specially used for packaging granular sauce, which can avoid the phenomenon of material blocking. The machine hopper can be customized with heat preservation and stirring functions according to different packaging needs.

The volume of the piston pump is customized according to the filling specifications of the sauce, and each volume cylinder can be individually adjusted in small amounts, the filling accuracy is ≤1%. Linear filling structure, one machine can fill cans of different diameters and heights within the range supported by the machine model. The width and height of the conveyor belt of the filling machine can be customized according to other condiment packaging machines.