In July 2022, an Australian coffee bean processor contacted Sywen Packaging. In order to improve packaging efficiency, the company needs to purchase an automatic powder packaging machine to weigh and fill instant coffee powder, the filling speed should reach 1000 bottles/hour, and the powder filling machine can be used to fill two sizes of glass jars.


Product: 100% pure non-dairy spray dried instant coffee powder
Packaging Weight: 170g, 200g
Packing: round glass jars
Glass Jar Dimensions: diameter 8.7 cm x height 19.3 cm, diameter 8.25 cm x height 17.78 cm
Filling Speed: 15-18 bottles/min
Filling Accuracy: ±1 g


Supplied Machine:

ST-F Powder Screw Conveyor

Bottle Round Turntable

SF-KP Automatic Powder Packaging Machine (with two filling heads)

The bottle turntable is made of 304 stainless steel, which is easy for daily maintenance, and can be used for sorting, and conveying round and square bottles. It can not only be connected to a single packaging machine to realize automatic bottle feeding and improve the packaging efficiency, but can also be used at the intermediate connection of the filling line as a buffer platform to shorten the length of the conveyor belt. The conveying speed can reach 30-200 bottles/min.

Bottle Sorting Turntable

The screw conveyor uses a screw rod to convey the powder material. As long as the switch is turned on, the screw rod rotates, and the material is continuously transported into the hopper of the powder filling machine, eliminating the trouble of manual feeding and making the powder feeding work safer, more time-saving, and more convenient.

The parts that contact material is made of stainless steel, the raw material is completely free from pollution during the conveying process, and no foreign matter is brought into it, which can realize a fully enclosed structure in the production process.

The automatic powder packaging machine is composed of a weighing filling machine, a chain plate conveyor belt, and a pneumatic positioning device, it can complete two-speed filling, metering, lifting, conveying and etc. according to the signal given by the weight sensor installed under the container.

The powder weighing filling machine is suitable for packaging additives, seasonings, milk powder, coffee powder, matcha powder, protein powder, cocoa powder, or other fine powders in food, chemical, and other industries that require high-precision packaging.

Turntable Chuck

Servo motor drives the screw auger for unloading the material, it has a stable packaging performance and high precision filling accuracy. The filling head is equipped with a hand wheel to adjust the height, which can realize the filling of bottles or cans with the same diameter and different heights. Color touch screen man-machine interface, it can real-time display the working status, operation instructions, etc.

Replacing the circular chuck or screw augers fittings can realize fill containers of different diameters, different densities, and free-flowing powder properties. According to the characteristics of powder materials, dust-proof, leak-proof material or vibration filling can be customized.