Today, there are many kinds of coffee packaging methods on the market. How do you choose the coffee powder packaging machine that suits you? Usually, there are two ways to pack coffee powder, in cans or bags. If it is bagged coffee, when packaging coffee, the following four factors need to be considered.

1. Barrier properties of the bag.

The bag needs to be sealed to keep the coffee powder fresh, coffee is very sensitive to the influence of the external environment. Therefore, first of all, you need to set up a barrier on the packaging, which will help avoid interference from oxygen, ultraviolet rays, and other factors.

Today, many stand-up coffee bags have three-layer metal plates or pure aluminum plates, Alternatively, you can choose a double layer high barrier polyester laminate, which is made of 100% plastic, which can keep coffee powder fresh, including sealing strips. These bags can be recycled in most Nordic countries.

To prevent as much ultraviolet light from entering the bag as possible, please consider using black or white polyester fiber or printing dense patterns.

2. Bag type

If the packing material is stretch film, not premade pouches, like this large-bag type(back seal), can be packaged with Multi Heads Combination Weigher Scale, this series coffee powder packaging machine is mainly composed of electronic multi heads combination scale, screw conveyor, auger metering device, coding device, bag forming device and automatic powder VFFS filling machine. Bags can be sealed as linking bags.

Automatic VFFS Powder Filling Packing Machine

The operation of this machine is very easy, workers pour the materials into the hopper of the screw conveyor, and the conveyor will transfer the powder to the storage bin of the filling machine automatically. After setting all data like sachet length, sachet width, filling specification, filling accuracy, filling speed… the machine will finish bags forming, filling, coding, sealing steps automatically.

Following are common bag types and recommended packaging machines for coffee powder.

(1). Gusset Bag Coffee( stretch film + back sealing + gusset bag )

This gusset bag coffee packaging machine is very similar to a big bag coffee powder packaging machine. It mainly consists of a screw conveyor, a screw metering device, and a filling machine. The only difference is that the bag maker and sealing device of this coffee packaging machine is different.

The previous bag maker was a cylinder type, the bag maker of this coffee powder packing machine is square. In addition, a gusset device is added on the left and right sides of the seal. The cooperation of these two devices can achieve both three-side sealing and gusset type.

(2). Stand-up Premde Pouch

Premade Pouch Automatic Coffee Filling Machine

A stand-up bag is also called a pre-made pouch. If your coffee is packaged with this kind of pouches, we recommend you select our SF-GD-250 or SF-GD-300 automatic coffee bag filling machine, It is designed to pack powder products in standing bags and self-supporting bags in the food and chemical industries. The packaging process is loading, metering, unloading, sealing, output, and other processes.

The staff only needs to pour the coffee powder into the storage hopper of the screw conveyor, and then convey the powder to the hopper of the filling machine. The coffee packaging machine measures the weight of each bag of materials according to the set parameters, and then fills the material into the bags, then heat-sealed, finally conveying the finished products.

(3). Stick Sachets ( stretch film + back sealing)

Coffee Sachet Automatic Filling Packing Machine

If your coffee is packaged with small stick sachets, we recommend you choose our VFFS series SF-280 or SF-350 automatic coffee powder packing machine.

It is ideal for packaging ground or powdered coffee products into small slender pouches with three sides sealing, backside sealing, or four sides sealing.

The machine can send the packed finished bag to an after-package detecting device or packing platform. Different bag sizes (same width, different length) can be used for filling and sealing in one machine. Bags can be sealed as linking bags.

(4). Canned coffee or bottled coffee

Automatic Coffee Powder Can Filling Machine

This type of packaging coffee is more suitable for family use, we recommend you to choose our SF-ZX or SF-KP series automatic coffee packaging machine. This machine is suitable for the automatic filling of powder and powder particle mixtures, the container is automatically positioned and then automatic filling, finished products will be transferred automatically to the next packaging position after filing.

Double cylinders are used to position containers, which is suitable for packaging containers such as metal cans, plastic bottles, or glass bottles.

Above are the common packing methods of coffee powder. If you choose a manual coffee powder filling machine at a cheaper cost, it has a limit in packaging speed and output. If you choose an automatic coffee powder packaging machine with higher costs, it can reduce labor costs greatly and increase the packaging speed.