In October 2022, a cat litter manufacturer in Norway planned to upgrade from manual packaging to automated packaging. They asked Sywen Packaging to customize a packaging solution for cat litter pellets packed in laminated premade pouches, they needed to fill 3KG-18KG cat litter in the production shift.

The structure of the machine should be simple, easy to operate, and maintain. The filling machine can package cat litter of different sizes and shapes, the filling speed should reach 3-10 bags/minute, and the filling accuracy should be ≤±3‰.


Supplied Machine:

According to the customer’s product characteristics and packaging specifications, two machines are needed to complete the filling. The semi-automatic granule packaging machine is suitable for filling granular products of the same size and regular shape, weighing and filling measurements, and high filling accuracy. The granule weighing filling machine is mainly made of 304 stainless steel, the PLC system controls, and color touch screen displays, and the operation and maintenance are very simple.

When packaging, the operator only needs to set the target weight on the touch screen, and manually place the packaging bag at the unloading port, the machine can automatically complete the weighing and filling of the material, which greatly improves the packaging speed. The silo adopts an easy-to-disassemble structure, which is convenient for removing residues and cleaning. According to the production situation, the parameters can be directly modified at any time during operation.


By using the semi-automatic weighing and packaging machine, compared with the previous manual packaging, the packaging speed has increased by 4-5 times, and the packaging efficiency is not affected by the workers’ leave. The filling precision is the same as promised, and the cost of the machine can be recovered within 2-3 months.