The capping machine has played an important role in the packaging industry. Modern people have higher and higher requirements for packaging. Good packaging can increase the value of products and increase the competitiveness of products, especially in food packaging, people have very high food safety requirements. If the caps of the product is not tightly sealed, it will easily cause the product to communicate with the air and cause pollution.

Sywen’s capping machine has manual type and automatic type, mainly used for fastening bottle caps of different materials and specifications. Containers can be round, square, oblate or flat shape, can cap, press, lock various types of nuts, anti-theft sleeves, child protection sleeves, press-in plugs, etc. Even if the shape of the bottle is irregular or the cap has a variety of specifications, the capping machine can smoothly complete the screwing operation of the bottle. It’s suitable for various bottle or cans in food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, pesticide, cosmetics and other industries.