In April 2022, an edible oils manufacturer in the united state contacted Sywen Packaging. They need to purchase an automatic canned edible oil bottle filling line to package olive oil, the filling speed should reach 800-1000 cans/hour.


Product: extra virgin olive oil
Packaging Specifications: 100ML, 250ML
Packing: square metal can
Can Dimensions: Length 9 cm x Width 5.5 cm x Height 16 cm, Length 9 cm x Width 5.5 cm x Height 10 cm
Can Cap: plastic pull-up pourers
Filling Speed: 12-15 bottles/min
Filling Accuracy: ≤±1%
Required Machines: liquid filling machine, automatic capping machine


Supplied Machine:

Can Round Turntable

SY-G Automatic Piston Filling Machine (with 6 filling heads)

Automatic Pneumatic Bottle Capping Machine

Manually place the empty cans on the round turntable, and the machine will automatically transport the empty cans to the conveyor belt of the filling machine, which can instead of manually placing the empty cans. This automatic liquid filling machine adopts a piston pump for metering and filling. When the empty can is transferred to the bottom of the filling heads, then the can clamping device is turned on, and the filling head dives into the metal can and start filling.

During the filling process, the speed is adjusted by frequency conversion, which is fast first and then slow, which greatly improves the filling accuracy, and can effectively prevent the liquid from overflowing the opening of the can. After the filling is completed, the filling head rises, the bottle clamping device exits, the suction function is turned on, and the liquid that is about to drip is sucked back into the machine hopper, and then the filled cans are conveyed to the pneumatic capping station.