In July 2022, a seasoning and spice brand manufacturer in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. They developed a new flavor of tomato paste and needed to purchase a canned food filling and seaming machine, the filling speed should reach 800-1200 bottles /hour.


Product: highly viscous tomato puree
Packaging: round tinplate tin with metal pull tab on the lid
Packing Weight: 305g
Filling Accuracy: ±≤1%
Filling Speed: 12-18 bottles/min
Required Machines: the cans filling machine,the can sealing machine(pump vacuum first, then sealing)


Supplied Machine:

The core components of the viscous filling machine are the metering pump and the motor. The pump is stainless steel cam rotor pump, a double rotor structure, that can ensure stable delivery when running, suitable for the filling high-viscosity, particle-containing media in food, and chemical industries.

The semi-automatic can seaming machine is suitable for sealing all kinds of tinplate cans, aluminum cans, plastic cans, and paper cans with round openings. Pump the vacuum firstly, then filled with nitrogen, and finally sealed, which can effectively extend the shelf life of products.

It is an ideal can sealing equipment for food, beverage, and other industries. During the sealing process, the can body does not rotate, only the sealing hob rotates to complete the sealing, is especially suitable for the sealing and packaging of fragile products and liquid products. The sealing speed can reach 300-400 cans/hour.