In July 2022, an agricultural product processor in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed to purchase a can vacuum seaming machine to package the canned fruit, and the sealing speed should reach 300-400 cans/hour.


Product: canned sliced fruit
Packaging: round metal cans
Package Weight: 432 g
Can size: diameter 7.5 cm x height 11cm
Sealing Speed: 5-6 cans/min


Supplied Machine:

The can sealing machine can be used to package and seal round cans, such as tin cans, plastic cans, paper cans, tin cans, etc. in food, chemical, and other industries. Pump the vacuum first, then fill the can with nitrogen, and finally seal the can, the residual oxygen content is ≤ 3%. The vacuuming, nitrogen filling, and sealing process are all carried out in the sealed chamber, which effectively prevents the air from entering the can for the second time.

This automatic can seaming machine can seal cans with a diameter of 70-127 mm and a can height of 70-190 mm, other special can specifications can be customized. The compressed air consumption is about 200 L/Min, and the nitrogen consumption is about 50 L/Min.

Different can diameters can be sealed by replacing accessories such as sealing molds, can body fixing clips, lid sorting device, etc. The lid is only dispensed when a can comes in. When there is no can, the lid is not dispensed. When there is no lid assigned, the machine will automatically stop to prevent the can body from damaging the parts of the sealing machine.

The vacuum pressure is detected by a high-precision digital pressure sensor, and the required vacuum pressure can be set arbitrarily. Through function switching, different functions such as only vacuuming without filling nitrogen, no vacuuming, and no filling nitrogen can be realized. The appearance and main parts of the machine are made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is easy to clean and maintain.