In August 2022, a canned bean products manufacturer in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. They needed a can sealer machine to seal baked beans, and the can sealing speed should reach 900-1200 cans/min.


Product: slow-cooked canned beans
Packing: round metal can with metal pull tab
Packaging Weight: 135 g
Can Size: diameter 6.5 cm x height 11 cm
Power Source: Electric (not compressed air)
Can Sealing Speed: 15-20 cans/min


Supplied Machine:

This semi-automatic can sealing equipment is suitable for sealing all kinds of round tin cans, such as tinplate cans, aluminum alloy cans, paper cans, PET cans, etc. Big power motor, stable operation, big output power, can continuous operation when sealing, it has a high work efficiency. The machine body is made of stainless steel with a finely polished surface for easy maintenance and cleaning.

The can sealing machine is mainly composed of a can seaming head and a can tray device. When working, because the sealing parts are symmetrical and evenly distributed, so the sealing quality is very high. There are nylon guide sleeves under the sealing roller, which can make the bottle and cap aligned in time when the bottle cap or bottle body is skewed, and then seal.

It requires changing the sealing parts mold if changing the can diameter when sealing. If the can height differs in a certain range, it is not necessary to change another can tray, the height of the can tray can be adjusted by hand, it takes about 5 mins to finish the adjustment.