Granule Bucket Conveying System

Bucket elevator is designed for vertical or high-lift transportation of bulk materials, widely used in various industries such as grain, food, chemical, and other industries. It can transport various materials from the front-end machine to the back-end machine and lift the materials to different heights. According to application requirements, bucket elevators can also be used for horizontal, vertical, or inclined transportation of materials.

It’s mainly made of 304 stainless steel, carbon steel, rubber (PP/ PVC), and plexiglass. Low cost, big conveying capacity. Easy operation and maintenance. The conveyor length and width can be customized. Bucket elevators have lower drive power, which makes them more advantageous than other conveyor types. The weight of the bucket assembly loaded on both sides of the conveyor, ensure the whole system can be balanced, thereby reducing energy consumption. They are usually enclosed to protect internal components, and use stainless steel fasteners to prevent rust and corrosion.

According to the different characteristics of the materials and the different requirements of the conveying speed, such as fragile materials, granular, small lumps, and different abrasiveness, the relevant design and configuration of the machine are different. The material handling capacity of the bucket elevator depends on productivity. The material handling capacity of a bucket elevator depends on the amount of material conveyed, the size and design of the bucket, the number of buckets per foot, and their operating speed.