Granule Conveying Machine

Bucket elevator conveyor is a kind of vertical lifting equipment, widely used in grain, tea, nuts, roasted seeds, biological granulation, fertilizer, and other industries. It has the advantages of large lifting height, stable lifting, small footprint, and good sealing. The whole 304 stainless steel construction, rugged and durable, the material is completely free from contamination during transportation.

The whole conveyor runs smoothly, has strong versatility, and has a wide range of applications. It has automatic feeding, fast feeding, labor-saving, high-efficiency, safe and reliable. There is a time relay in the system, the feeding time can be set according to each conveying amount. The lifting bucket is made of PP or stainless steel. The material of the bucket used by the bucket elevator conveyor is different, the material conveying volume lifted per unit time is different.

The final conveying capacity of the bucket elevator is a comprehensive parameter, depends on the bucket types, conveyor speed, material-specific gravity, material properties, and the number of buckets. The driving power is small, energy-saving, and the damage rate to the material is very low.

What is the working principle of the bucket elevator conveyor?

The lifting bucket scoops up the material from the storage bucket below. With the transmission of the chain, it is lifted to the top and turned down after bypassing the top wheel. The conveyor will pour the material into the hopper of the next machine.

What is the step of choosing a suitable bucket conveyor elevator?

The specific gravity of material → transmission mode → material properties → discharges method → bucket type → lifting capacity of the bucket elevators → determining the model of the elevator.

Vertical Bucket Elevator Conveying Machine
Model ST-K-QX Bucket Elevator Conveyor
Machine Material whole stainless steel
Lifting Height 1.6 – 1.9 meters
Conveying Capacity 3 – 6 tons/hour
Conveyor Size L 2600 x W 800 x H 2300 mm
Power 2 KW