Vertical Bucket Elevator

ST-K-CZ bucket conveyor belt is vertical lifting equipment for granular materials. According to the conveying speed of the bucket conveyor, it can be divided into three unloading methods-centrifugal discharge, gravity discharge, and mixed discharge. Three unloading methods have their own advantages, and each meets the transportation of different materials.

Centrifugal unloading is the fastest, generally used to transport powder, granular and small pieces of abrasive materials, because it is not easy to cause dust to diffuse when unloading, because it is not easy to cause dust when unloading. The conveying speed of gravity unloading is generally slower, and the conveying of powdery materials will always make dust if use bucket conveyor belt, so it is generally used to convey those lumpy materials, with big grinding properties and big gravity. The mixed unloading method combines the advantages of centrifugal unloading and gravity unloading, can be used for the transportation of most materials, so it is now the most popular conveying equipment for granular materials.

The material is made of high-quality stainless steel, which has good high-temperature resistance, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, not easy to rust, and no pollutants. The barrel adopts advanced technology, high quality, and good airtightness. The engine base can be assembled with the hopper in two directions according to different needs. It’s optional to assemble an automatic alarm system and a speed monitoring system.

The stainless steel bucket conveying belt is mainly composed of a hopper (deep bucket, shallow bucket, triangular bucket, etc.), a shell (equipped with transmission and stopper), and a body (high-quality steel plate welded into a square shell, equipped with a deviation alarm), and the lower part (with tensioning device).

The feed of the bucket conveying belt adopts the inflow type, no need to use the bucket to dig material. The conveyor design can ensure that materials are rarely scattered during feeding and unloading, which reduces mechanical wear. The whole machine runs reliably, and the trouble-free time exceeds 20,000 hours.

Granule Bucket Elevator
Model ST-K-CZ Bucket Conveyor Belt
Standard Conveying Productivity 3 -6 tons/hour
Standard Lifting Height 2.4 meters (can be customized)
Power 0.75 KW
Broken Rate of Material < 0.5 %
Noise < 85 dB

The selection of bucket conveying belt is mainly depended on the following four factors:

(1). The form of the material. Whether the material is powdery, granular, or small particles.

(2). The physical properties of the material. Whether the material has adsorption or viscosity, and whether it contains water.

(3). The specific gravity of the material. Generally, the bucket conveying belt parameters are designed and calculated for materials with a gravity below 1.6, too big gravity requires the calculation of the traction and the tensile strength of the transmission part.

(4). Conveying capacity per unit time.