SK-Z-2D-2K bottle packaging machine is suitable for quantitative packaging of granular products, like roasted seeds, nuts, peanuts, melon seeds, miscellaneous grains, rice, beans, sugar, salt, chicken essence, small hardware, etc.

It adopts a weighing measurement method with high accuracy. Double vibrating hopper for feeding and double weighing hopper for weighing, the filling speed is faster than single hopper.

All parts in contact with the materials are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is pollution-free to material, and comply with GMP standard. Simple structure, easy to disassemble and clean. The operation is simple and convenient.

There are no wearing parts, easy to maintain. Exclusive precision tracking technology, the machine has an error self-correction function to obtain higher accuracy.

Automatic Bottle Weighing Filling Machine
Model SK-Z-2D-2K Automatic Bottle Packaging Machine
Packing Container Type bottles, cans
Filling Range 30-2000 g
Hopper Volume 4 L
Machine Material 304 stainless steel in contact with powder, the others are stainless steel
Filling Speed < 30 bags/min
Power 0.6 KW
Weighing Hopper NOS 2
Unloading Method double vibrator unloading

The vibration amplitude can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the material. The unloading unit can also be adjustable to realize fast feeding and slow feeding adjustment, to obtain higher packaging speed and precision. Just need to change the related setting parameters, one machine can achieve packaging within the range of 30-2000 grams.

One machine has one discharging hopper and two weighing units, which can realize fast unloading speed and work in turn, the packaging speed can reach twice the packaging speed of a single weighing system.

Optional automatic conveying system to realize real-time control of material level and automatic feeding. The strong and weak circuits are completely separated, and the anti-interference ability is strong.

There is only one circuit board in the machine for coordinated control, and one integrated circuit board controls all panels, modular design reduces maintenance costs in the future, the storage bin is equipped with an adjustable baffle to adjust the flow rate of the unloaded material, to increase the packaging speed as much as possible.

Strong compatibility, easy to work with other packaging machines like screw capping machine, labeling machine alumina foil sealing machine and etc.