Double Hopper Automatic Powder Filling Machine

The powder bottle filling line is mainly for packaging powder or powder and granule mixture products into various plastic,glass or metal bottles, such as flour, milk powder, soy milk powder, coffee, starch, pesticides, veterinary drugs, premixes, additives, seasonings, feed, enzyme preparations, etc. The filling range is 5-2000 grams, which can realize automatic bottle unscramble, automatic metering and filling, dust removal and dust suction, automatic capping and screwing, aluminum foil sealing, it has a high production efficiency and good packaging effect.The powder filling line truly realizes the fully automated operation of the packaging, ensuring that personnel will not touch the product during the entire filling process, and the production process is completely transparent and more reliable.

Usually, the powder bottle filling line is composed of  bottle unscrambler, bottle washing machine, bottle/cans sterilization machine, conveying belt, powder quantitative filling machine, checkweigher with rejector, automatic screw capping machine, automatic coding machine, single or double sides labeling machine and etc.,you can choose the packaging machines according to your packaging needs and budget.

Recommend packaging products for the bottle filling line

This automatic powder filling line is well suitable for packaging powder or powder and granule mixture products, like milk powder, protein powder, seasoning powder, solid beverage, whole grain powder, veterinary medicine, food additives, etc.The inner wall of the powder filling machine in contact with the material is polished, and the machine structure that is frequently dismantled and washed is connected with easy-to-disassemble parts. It is convenient to clean when changing the filling products.If the powder are chemical or metal powder, we can also customize special stainless steel like corrosion-resistant materials.

Automatic Bottle Powder Filling Line