SY-GJS bottle filling and capping machine is a multi-functional liquid packaging machine, used for filling, adding an inside plug, capping big or small volume bottles with metal caps. Products like injections, disinfectants, oral liquids, syrup liquids, essential oils, other food, chemical, medical liquids are recommended for packaging.

The functions of filling liquid, adding the inside plug, and capping are combined in one machine, with compact structure and high production efficiency, which can meet the high-speed packaging requirements of various enterprises. The filling is divided into two fillings (the filling volume is adjustable) to prevent liquid foam from overflowing the bottle mouth.

Depending on the viscosity of the liquid, the machine can be equipped with different liquid metering systems, it is also equipped with an automatic no filling device when lacking bottles, to avoid the waste of liquid raw material, prevent pollution to the machine, and affect the normal running of the machine.

Automatic Filling Capping Integrated Machine

The three hob wheels use the principle of centrifugal force to fasten the cap.The caps are different in softness and hardness, the height of the adjusting block can be adjusted, change the locking force of the three hobs, so the machine can operate normally with different sizes of caps and bottles.

Adopting turntable positioning type filling and capping, imported divider control station to ensure accurate filling and capping stations.The bottle holder and the pressure head rotate synchronously, and the bottle does not slip when capping and fastening.

Other matching machines are automatic caps sorting machine, bottle washing machine, bottle unscrambler, automatic capping machine, automatic labeling machine.

Liquid Filling Screw Capping Machine

• Filling Volume: 20-500 ML

• Filling Accuracy: ≤ 1%

• Qualified Rate Of Capping: ≥ 98%

• Damage Rate: ≤0.5%

• Filling Heads: 2/4/6/8 or customized

Noise: ≤70 dB

• Filling and Capping Speed: 30-50 bottles/min

• Caps Diameter: 10-50 mm

Functions: filling, adding inside plug, capping and fastening caps