SF-50 bag filling machine is mainly used to fill the free-flowing, non-caking bulk powder into 5-50 kg plastic woven bags or composite plastic woven bags.

This manual bag filling machine is mainly composed of an automatic weighing and packaging machine, conveying system, bag sealing machine, and other parts.

It is suitable for packing and filling chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and other industries products, such as flour, chemical raw materials, starch, food additives, feed, new building materials, and other powder materials.

You can choose the following machines that can be used with the bag filling machine: screw feeder, bag heat-sealing machine, automatic sewing machine, conveyor belt.

SF-50 Bulk Powder Bag Filling Machine
SF-50 Semi Automatic Powder Filling Machine

What is the packaging process of the SF-50 bag filling machine?

Turn on the power switch of the bag filling machine, turn on the automatic feeding function. The screw conveyor will automatically convey powder to the filling machine’s hopper. When a certain material level is reached, the screw conveyor will stop working.

At this time, set the filling specifications on the touch screen and place the packing bag next to the discharge outlet. The pneumatic stainless steel clamp will automatically open, clamp the packing bag, and then automatically fill.

After the filling is completed, the pneumatic stainless steel clamp will automatically loosen the bag and transport it to the bag sealing station. The speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted.

According to different bag sealing methods, our bag sealing machine can be equipped with a plastic film heat sealing machine or an automatic sewing machine.

Model SF-50 Bag Filling Machine
Measurement Method screw auger or weighing system
Hopper Volume 90 L
Machine Material 304 stainless steel in contact with powder, the others are stainless steel
Filling Range 5-50 KG
Filling Accuracy ±0.3%
Air Consumption 10 L/Min
Operation Panel LED Touch Screen
Power 0.75 KW

Why SF-50 is your best choice for filling 5-50KG bulk powder?

It adopts a high-precision weighing controller with good reliability.

Small footprint and flexible installation.

The packaging speed is adjustable. The conveying system of the bag filling machine is a screw conveyor, conveying speed can be made as fast and slow one by setting the controller of the screw conveyor.

Dust-proof parts can be added to effectively prevent dust from flying, improve the working environment, and protect the health of employees.

Compact structure, small volume, can be made into a fixed or mobile main body according to user requirements.

SF-50 Bag Filling Machine


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