In July 2022, a fishing lures manufacturer in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. In order to reduce the labor input and improve the packaging efficiency, they needed to purchase an automatic granule weighing packaging machine to fill granulated fishing bait with pre-made pouches, the filling speed should reach 3000-3500 bags/hour.


Product: particle rods fishing bait (length is 2 cm-4.3cm)
Packing: four-side seal pre-made pouches
Packaging Weight: 25g, 40g
Filling Speed: 50-60 bags/min
Filling Accuracy: ≤±3‰


Supplied Machine:

The conveying elevator is suitable for vertical conveying of granular materials in food, chemical, and other industries. In an enclosed space, the material is conveyed through a hopper suspended from a chain. The hopper is used to carry and convey the material, and the material is not scattered during the conveying process. It can be matched with the packaging machine and the multi-head weigher to realize the automatic tracking and automatic feeding of the material level.

Compared with other types of weighing devices (such as electronic scales, linear weigher, etc.), the muti-heads combination weigher has the advantages of fast packaging speed and high filling precision. Each weighing bucket has an independent weigh sensor. The vibration of the circular in-feed hopper distributes the material evenly to the feeding hopper, then unloads the material into the weighing hopper.

The CPU on the main board reads and records the weight of each weighing bucket, and then selects the best combination weighing bucket which is closest to the target weight through calculation, analysis, and combination, and automatically discharges the material.

Filling 20g and 40g of granular fishing bait, the speed of the 10-head combination scale can reach 50-70 bags/min, and the dynamic weighing accuracy is ±0.1~2.0 g. In terms of personnel input, it saves about 1/3 of the manpower compared to the full labor packaging.