SXG-SG automatic vial capping machine is newly developed and manufactured on the special basic of metal anti-theft cover, alumina cap. Three knife sealing and capping, has stable and excellent cap sealing performance. It is widely used in the capping of products in the fields of pharmacy, pesticides, seasonings, condiments, and chemicals.

The seal has no gaps, no scratches, and the tightness of the seal is very good. The bottle mouth positioning device is used to position the bottle mouth and bottle head more accurately, and the utilization rate of the bottle cap is improved, the bottle cap damage rate is small.

It can be equipped with an automatic cap sorting system, to realize the function of automatically arranging the cap and automatically hanging the cap on the bottle mouth, with a high degree of automation. The sealing wheel is made of special materials, with good wear resistance and long service life.

Automatic Metal Screw Caps Locking Machine
Model SXG-SG Automatic Vial Capping Machine
Caps Diameter 12 – 35 mm (customized)
Bottle Diameter 35 – 320 mm (customized)
Capping Speed 30 -60 bottles/min
Power 1.2 KW
Machine Size 1700 x 70 x 160 mm