Automatic Linear Round Bottle Labeling Machine

ST-YP automatic sticker labeling machine is suitable for full circle or half circle labeling, containers can be all kinds of round bottles, cans which can stand stably. The position on the top and bottom of the bottle can be adjusted flexibly. It greatly improves the efficiency of labeling, the position of the label is accurate, and the quality is high, avoiding the mistakes made by manual labeling, such as skewing, blistering or wrinkles. All round containers of the same shape and different sizes, can be automatically labeled with one machine. The machine can work separately or form a packaging production line with other packaging machines, widely used for food, pharmaceutical, daily chemical and other industries.

The automatic sticker labeling machine can also be equipped with ribbon coding machine or inkjet printer, print production date or production batch number on the label, and realize the integration of labeling and coding.

With automatic bottle separation function, when there are many bottles, there is an automatic buffer function. The labeling speed, bottle separation speed and conveying speed can be adjusted by the operator at any time.

Automatic counting, showing directly in touch screen. Easy to operate when changing labels of different sizes or types. Using elastic labeling belt, labeling is flat, no wrinkles, improve the packaging quality of your product.

Round Bottle Single Side Automatic Labeling Machine

The conveying direction can be from left to right or from right to left. The moving of the label tape adopts the correction mechanism, the labeling position X/Y/Z three directions and inclination, total of 8 degrees of freedom are adjustable, no dead angles, and label overlap is high.

Adopt side horizontal roller conveying mechanism, the conveying chain is inclined, the bottle is automatically guided, and the conveying and labeling is stable. Using flexible bottle separation technology and flexible labeling technology, smooth bottle labeling, and the bottle breaking rate is less than one hundred thousandths.

Model ST-YP Automatic Sticker Labeling Machine
Labeling Containers plastic, alumina, glass, PE, paper bottles or cans
Labeling Accuracy 1 mm
Labeling Speed 100 – 250 bottles/min
Bottle Diameter Φ 20 – 100 mm
Label Height 20 – 140 mm
Label Length < 340 mm
Label Paper Roll ID > Φ 76 mm
Label Paper Roll OD < Φ 300 mm
Power 0.2 KW
Machine Size L 1700 x W 650 x H 1300 mm