In April 2022, a seasoning manufacturer in the United States contacted Sywen Packaging. In order to solve the problem of labor shortage, the company intends to purchase a powder filling machine to package seasoning powder.


  • Products: different kinds of seasoning powder, there are black pepper powder, spice powder for chicken, ginger powder, and seasoning powder for fish.
  • Packing: round PP bottle (different diameters, different heights)
  • Packaging Weight: 50-120 g
  • Bottle Diameter: 32 cm, 38 cm
  • Bottle Height: 8.5 cm, 11 cm
  • Filling Speed: 35-40 bottles/min
  • Filling Accuracy: ≤1%


(1). There are many types of spice powder, and the powdered granule size and free-flowing are different. The powder filling machine needs to be equipped with different metering screw augers to fill spices with different characteristics.

(2). Some spices have better free-flowing, and leakage problems may occur during the filling process. Therefore, the spice filling machine should have a leak-proof device.

(3). One powder filling machine can fill two kinds of bottles of spice powder.

(4). There are many types of spices, when changing the spice type, the hopper of the powder packaging machine should be convenient to clean the materials.


Provided Machine:

Compared with the linear automatic powder filling machine, the filling speed of the turntable powder filling machine is faster. The powder packaging machine is equipped with three sets of special screw augers to package different types of spices, it is also equipped with dust-proof and anti-leakage devices to reduce material waste and workshop dust pollution.

Turntable Chuck

According to the customer’s bottle size, two sets of circular bottle clamping molds(also called the turntable chuck) are required to fill two different diameter bottles. The bottle chuck is fixed with screws and can be replaced within 10-15 minutes. The hopper design of the powder filling machine is side-open, which is easier to clean up than a closed silo.