SXG-DT automatic screw capping machine is specialized in capping various kinds of round, plastic screw caps, widely used in food, chemical, pharma, pesticide, cosmetic and other industries. Max. capping speed can reach to 1200 bottles/hour. It can be linked with other packaging equipment such as bottle unscrambler, filling machine, labeling machine and electromagnetic aluminum foil sealing machine to form a fully automatic bottling packaging line.

The capping machine is highly compatible. In order to achieve the best capping effect for different bottle caps, some adjustments may be made in the material or design of the capping head. No bottle, no cap and no work, which can ensure the continuity of production and the accuracy of capping. Linear design, makes the connection with other machines easily.

Automatic Plastic Screw Caps Capping Machine

The automatic screw capping machine adopts a strong electromagnetic left-hand cap torque device, effectively solves the shortcomings of traditional mechanical friction plates that are tight and loose when screwing the cap. If there are many kinds of bottle caps, just change the capping head according to the bottle caps, to realize multiple functions in one machine. It is a very economical and applicable capping equipment, which meets GMP requirements.

It is suitable for capping various round bottles, hexagonal bottles, octagonal bottles, square bottles, oval bottles and jar bottles, there is no damage to the bottle during the capping process, and the capping efficiency is high. Equipped with automatic pause function without lid, automatic start with lid. At the same time, it can reject damaged lids or bottles without aluminum foil.

The machine will be designed and adjusted according to the caps provided by the user before leaving the factory. The user must read the manual carefully before changing the specifications, and determine whether it can be replaced according to the requirements of the manual. It is necessary to exchange the accessories of the relevant structure.

Under normal circumstances, when the diameter of the bottle changes, it is necessary to adjust the distance between the fences, replace the curved fence, the dial, etc. When the height of the bottle changes, the height of the machine head needs to be adjusted, and when the height of the bottle changes greatly, the spacers and support sleeves need to be replaced.

SXG-DT Automatic Capping Machine
Single Head Automatic Capping Machine
SXG-DT Bottle Screw Capping Machine
Model SXG-DT Automatic Screw Capping Machine
Bottle Height 50 – 320 mm (customized)
Caps Diameter 15 – 100 mm (customized)
Bottle Diameter 20 – 130 mm (customized)
Capping Speed 10 -40 bottles/min
Capping Heads NOS 1 – 2
Power 1.5 KW