On November 2, 2021, Sywen Packaging received an inquiry from Singapore for an automatic sauce bottle filling machine, the content is as follows:

We are a food machinery importer, now the customer needs an economical automatic liquid filling machine to fill sweet and spicy sauce, please send us the best CIF Jurong price.

Our reply on November 3, 2021:

Please send us the sample and size of the bottle/bag sample and size, so that we can customize the most suitable sauce bottling solution for you.

The client’s email on November 5, 2021:

The sauce is packaged in a special-shaped PP bottle. The size of the bottle is (diameter) 38 mm x (height) 115 mm.

Sauce and PP bottle

Our reply on November 10, 2021:

What is the required filling speed and accuracy?

The client’s email on November 10, 2021:

30 bottles/min. The filling accuracy should be ≤ 1%.

Our reply on November 12, 2021:

According to the material characteristics, bottle type, and specific filling requirements, we recommend the following viscous liquid filling machine to you:

Machine Name Machine Specifications Quantity
Number of Filling Heads: 8
Metering Device: the piston pump
Filling Range: 50-500ML
Filling Speed: 1500-2000 bottles/hour
Working Air Pressure: 0.6-0.8MPa
Filling Accuracy: ≤1%
1 Set

Please see the detailed quotation in the attachment.

The client’s email on November 17, 2021:

The weight of the bottle is light. will the bottles fall on the conveyor belt when filling?

Our reply on November 18, 2021:

No, it won’t. The automatic liquid filling machine has a pneumatic bottle clamping device. When filling, the bottle is fixed on the conveyor belt.

The client’s email on November 24, 2021:

Can we use the same sauce filling machine for filling sauces of the same specification with different shapes?

Our reply on November 25, 2021:

Yes. This bottle sauce filling machine can package 4-5 bottle types. Within a certain range, the height of the filling head and the width of the conveyor belt can be adjusted, and it can be used to fill bottles of different diameters and heights without changing any accessories.

The client’s email on December 1, 2021:

Does this automatic sauce bottling machine have any anti-drip design for the sauce?

Our reply on December 2, 2021:

There are two parts of the automatic liquid packaging machine that are designed as drip-proof:
1. Vacuum suction anti-drip filling nozzles.
2. A ditch for the dripping sauce (after the filling is completed, the ditch plate will fall above the bottles, which can prevent the dripping sauce from dripping on the bottle body).

Later, we made further communication on the list of core parts, technical parameters, dimensions, and other issues of the machine, and the customer was quite satisfied with the cost performance of our machine.

On February 16, 2022, we received the full payment for the customer’s order. After strict quality inspection and packaging tests by our factory’s quality inspection department, the machine was shipped from the Chinese port to the destination port on March 18, 2022.

The customer received the machine on March 30, 2022. From April 5th to 6th, 2022, our technicians provided free technical guidance on the assembly, setting, and operation of the machine through video chat.

On April 13, 2022, the machine was officially put into the automatic sauce bottle packaging line. The customer is very satisfied with the filling speed, filling accuracy of the machine, and our after-sales service.

If you are looking for an automatic sauce bottle packaging machine, and want to know more about the machine configuration, filling speed, filling accuracy, technical parameters, etc., we hope the above sweet and sour sauce bottling case can bring you some reference and help!

Sywen Packaging is a professional automatic sauce filling machines manufacturer and supplier. According to the sauce characteristics, packing methods and detailed packaging requirements, we can customize a complete sauce bottle packaging solution for you.

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