On March 6, 2021, Sywen Packaging received an inquiry from Thailand about the automatic premade pouch powder bagging machine, the content is as follows:

We need a powder filling machine to package ice cream powder, please send us the best offer.

Our reply on March 8, 2021:

What kind of packing method is it? What is the filling specification?

The client’s email on March 10, 2021:

The ice cream powder is filled in the pre-made pouches, one is stand-up pouches, the other is flat bottom pouches with side-gusset. The stand-up pouch is 170mm wide and 200mm long, the flat bottom pouch is 120mm wide and 180mm long. The sealing type is straight-line sealing. We plan to use one automatic powder filling machine to package two sizes of bags.

Our reply on March 11, 2021:

What is the required filling speed and accuracy?

The client’s email on March 14, 2021:

The accuracy error of 500g is ±3g, 1000g is ±5g. The filling speed of 500g is 15-20 bags/min, 1000g is 8-15 bags/min.

Our reply on March 15, 2021:

What are the obvious characteristics of ice cream powder when filling? For example, has much dust, easy to leak materials.

The client’s email on March 19, 2021:

In the packaging process, it has a certain fluidity, and there is a slight leakage phenomenon.

Our reply on March 24, 2021:

In addition to the filling machine, is there any auxiliary equipment required?

The client’s email on March 26, 2021:

We also need a checkweigher.

Our reply on March 30, 2021:

According to the material characteristics and specific filling requirements, we recommend the following four machines to your company:

Machine Name Product Description Quantity
Eight packaging stations, screw auger metering, suitable for filling and sealing of various premade pouches. The filling range is 500g-1000g, the filling accuracy is ≤±1%, and customized with the dust-removing and leak-proof device. 1 Set
Connected with a powder filling machine, The lifting height is 1.6 meters, and the silo is equipped with a vibrator, which makes the material conveying process more stable. 1 Set
  • Inline Checkweigher Conveyor
It can realize the detection of quality abnormality such as weight shortage of packaging products, can also automatically reject and remove substandard products to ensure the integrity of the packaged products. 1 Set
  • Pulse Dust Collector
Made of SU304 stainless steel, the air volume and the frequency of pulse backflushing are adjustable by frequency conversion, and there are two washable filters, which are easy to clean and have a good dust removal effect. 1 Set

Please see the detailed quotation in the attachment.

The client’s email on April 13, 2021:

What is the packaging process of the powder filling machine?

Our reply on April 15, 2021:

SF-JD-250 automatic premade pouch powder bag filling machine has eight packing stations, the first station automatically grabs the bag, the second station is automatically batching coding, the third station opens the bag opening (open the bag up and down at the same time and blow air above to assist in opening the bag), the fourth station is the servo motor drives the auger to unload the material for filling, and a dust removal port is installed at the filling position to absorb the dust generated by the filling.

The fifth station is cleaning the dust at the opening of the bag and sucks the dust away. The sixth filling station is to tidy up the pouch opening. This station is equipped with a dust removal port to flatten the bag opening and enter the heat sealing position. Before sealing, exhaust air and then seal. The seventh station is for sealing the bag and ensures beautiful sealing lines. The eighth station is heat-sealed again to ensure a firm sealing.

The client’s email on April 22, 2021:

Can the checkweigher machine be used for 500g-1000g pre-made pouches?

Our reply on April 23, 2021:

The checkweigher conveyor can set the upper limit and lower limit according to the packaging specifications, and remove the unqualified products. The width of the conveyor belt is 300mm, which is compatible with all packaging bags from 100g to 1000g, and has both recording and data analysis functions.

The client’s email on May 11, 2021:

How to adjust the bag width when packing bags with different bag widths?

Our reply on May 12, 2021:

This powder premade pouch packing machine is suitable for packaging bags with a width of 100-210mm. When changing the packaging specification, you only need to input the width of the bag on the touch screen, and the bag clamping device will automatically adjust the bag width, which is very convenient to adjust the bag width.

The client’s email on May 19, 2021:

Can the powder screw conveyor be directly connected to the powder mixing machine?

Our reply on May 20, 2021:

Yes, it can. We have connecting parts to connect the filling and mixing machine.

Later, we made further communication on the layout, setting, filling process, and after-sales of the machine. On August 17, 2021, we received the bag samples sent by the customer. From August 19th to August 20th, 2021, we arranged the packaging test and made some small changes to some parts of the machine according to the packaging effect. The final packaging test result was very good, which can fully meet the packaging needs of customers.

On August 24, 2021, we sent the test result to the customer, and the customer was satisfied with the packaging performance of the machine. On September 23, 2021, we received advance payment for customer orders. On November 15, 2021, the customer inspected the quality and packaging effect of the machine through remote video, and the inspection results were satisfactory.

The machine was shipped from Qingdao, China to the destination port on November 24, 2021. The customer received the machine on December 14, 2021. On December 16-17, 2021, our technicians guided the assembly, connection, debugging, and operation of the machine through remote video. After the ice cream powder packaging equipment was officially put into production, the customer was very satisfied with the packaging performance of the machine and our after-sales service.

If you are looking for a powder premade pouch packing machine and want to know more about the configuration, filling speed, filling accuracy, supporting equipment, etc. of the machine, we hope the above ice cream powder packaging case can bring you some help and reference!

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